Judith Vindevogel is one of the pioneers of contemporary music theatre in Flanders and a real Jack(eline) of all trades. With strong roots in dance (Royal Ballet School), theatre (Conservatory of Antwerp), music (Marcel Vercammen, Noelle Barker, Vera Rosza, Fernand Schirren,...) and philosophy (University of Brussels), she founded her own music theatre company WALPURGIS in 1987.

Ever since she explores the musical power of theatre and the theatrical power of music in close collaboration with composers (a.o. Luc Brewaeys Peter Vermeersch, Klaas de Vries, Peter Spaepen), writers (a.o. Josse De Pauw, Michael de Cock, Pieter De Buyser, Jeroen Brouwers), singers (a.o. Marianne Pousseur, Eurudike De Beul, Liesbeth Devos, Kurt Gysen, Denzil Delaere, Artem Korotkov) actors (a.o. Benjamin Verdonck, François Beukelaers, Mireille Mossé, Mourade Zeguendi, Sara De Bosschere, Oscar Van Rompay), musicians (Ictus Ensemble, FES, SPECTRA Ensemble, Benjamin Dieltjens) dancers (Etienne Guilloteau, Nordine Benchorf, Mala Kline, Inaki Azpillaga) and/or visual artists (Gerda Dendooven, Ingrid Godon, Stef Depover).

The repertory she is building up with WALPURGIS, is a reflection of the society she dreams of : generous, sustainable, in constant motion and not afraid of contrasts and extremes. That choice makes her work extremely divers and the language she develops many layered.

Within the opera Judith performed roles as Papagena (Die Zauberflöte, Salzburger Landestheater, Austria & De Munt, Belgium), Marie (Wozzeck, BANFF, Canada), soprano solo (Kopernikus, De Nederlandse Opera, Holland) and Ordogno (Don Quichotte in Siera Morena, Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alte Musik, Austria).

Judith has taught at P.A.R.T.S. (singing), the Conservatory of Antwerp and Brussels (music theatre) and the Conservatory of Liège (chamber music). Since 2013 she also teaches the Alexander Technique to singers, actors, dancers and musicians.

She appears on several records.
(Photo: Daniel Suy)

"My great passion in life is the unknown. A new world is revealed in every book, every music score, every social issue, every encounter. I wish to be rendered speechless and stop for an eye-to-eye and ear-to-ear encounter, to be prepared for an in-depth discussion, in which we talk about what inspires us, what preoccupies us, in the most personal way possible.
I want to be able to travel and see things with my own eyes, with my ears pricked up. I want to discover, experience, be inspired and be moved. I have no interest in the gold of Columbus or of Da Gama. Instead, it is the inexhaustible wealth of our imagination that fascinates me. I want to hear stories and learn, again and again, always learn.

I never travel alone. My mates on this voyage are seafarers, whose weather-beaten faces have been marked by the elements, each quite different. Young explorers who cannot wait to discover new horizons. And a few stowaways in search of a better life.
And once we have satisfied our curiosity and the ship is teeming with new stories and new songs we shall return home, where you await us. And we shall sing, each with our own voice, and lay our beachcombing finds and other treasures at your feet.

And who knows, you too may suddenly experience the desire to travel with us. For part of the voyage, because we never stay on land for too long. The sea beckons us like a siren. And so we raise the anchor again, and navigate expectantly, unwaveringly and fearlessly into the great unknown."

Judith Vindevogel - Ireland, summer 2011


Stef Depover starts his career in 1980 at Akt (later Akt/Vertikaal and De Tijd) in productions of Ivo Van Hove. Since then he works as scenographer, dramaturge and/or lightdesigner for several theatre companies such as de Onderneming (Marius, Fanny en César), HETPALEIS (De Vikingen, Frustration Island in cooperation with De Kakkewieten), Lampe (Het litteken lip en Kleine doortocht buiten verdenking... in cooperation with Pieter De Buysser), NTGent (Mario, ga de deur eens opendoen, Wachtend op Godot en De Dienstlift in cooperation with Sam Bogaerts), Droomedaris Rex (Het fluistertheater, Waris Paris...), Theater Teater (Een Avond van Geluk...) and SIN collectief (Rumble in da Jungle, Troost, Reizen Jihad...). Between 2005 and 2015 he frequently worked togerther with Michael De Cock for t,arsenaal Mechelen (Namaals, Rosie en Moussa, Hitler is dood, Puin, De Kersentuin, Drie zusters, De Koning Sterft, Hannibal, Kamyon...) .
Since 1998 he is resident scenographer and dramaturge at WALPURGIS.

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