Princes Turandot unplugged

original concept, libretto and direction
Judith Vindevogel
adaptation, music and acting
Lorenzo Carola
Oh you Turandot! You, ice princess!
With your frigid heart and frozen laugh.
You too will melt one day!
It will hurt when your blood starts flowing again.
It will sting like a thousand bee stings.
And you will cry human tears,
simple human tears,
and you will love, just like me!

Princess Turandot, Judith Vindevogel
In Prinses Turandot, an actor/singer takes the young spectators on a trip to the world of classical composers like Lully, Mozart, Wagner, Bizet and Puccini. They tell a fair but fierce ancient Persian love tale about an ice princess who refuses to get married. Her admirers have a choice to make: either they solve the three riddles of the princess, or they get their head chopped off....

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