"I worked with a lot of pleasure at deFENIKS. You are in a relaxed but still very productive mood. There's also a lot of sunlight. I was in a backroom that had a nice view of a courtyard garden. Very nice, and calm. There's also a foyer with a kitchen with, again, lots of sunlight. You can cook there, warm up your meals, eat quietly and have a chat. I recommend strongly this harbour!"
16/01/2013, Eric Thielemans, percussionist

"Nice and warm contact in a fantastic home!"
28/05/2013, Dimitri Duquennoy, artistic centipede

"Thanks for a fine environment. I spend a nice time at your place!"
3/06/2013, Inneke Geerts, vocal coach

"What a great place to rehearse, sing and dance."
3 maart 2014, Vincent Bal, filmdirector

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