We, the drowned #readingtogether #kleinVerhaal

Reading together works wonders.
Reading together is a bit like traveling together.
The bestseller We, the drowned by Danish author Carsten Jensen is the source of inspiration for a new adventurous music theater project with which we will premiere in the summer of 2019.

Based on the desire to form a small but very diverse community in the run-up to this performance, we organized a first reading group.

That became a special experience that tasted like more.
In kleinVerhaal we found an enthusiastic partner to start a new reading group in Ostend.

Every Wednesday evening we read each other from the book. We then take on the role of Captain Madsen, the sailor widow Klara Friis, her son Knud Erik and the seagull killer Herman Frandsen. Together with them we try to defy the storms in which we end up and keep ourselves afloat in a world that is changing rapidly and becoming harder and harder.

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